Virtual Walkthrough

Experience your home before you build it.

Virtual Walkthrough is the exciting feature you’ve been waiting for to bring your design to life. Virtual Walkthrough is a virtual reality solution that uses BIM to create a realistic experience for the user. This allows each client to embrace their project in question while visually experiencing it visually during every step of the building process. By using a combination of computer-generated visuals with physical spaces, realistic videos and images of the project are created for the client’s viewing and analysis.

The Virtual Reality technology works with VR handsets to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment. Also, this environment created is fully explorable and interactive by the person wearing the VR gear. This modern technology is the ideal way to keep connected with your project – be sure to take advantage of it.

I have built houses before for myself and my family, but being able to virtually see this house before building gave me the chance to make crucial budgetary decisions prior to construction.

Essa Khalaf

Homeowner, 2017

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