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Technology Power Construction

Professional project management for small projects.
Design Build is committed to providing you with market-cost construction while using professional construction methodologies.


We have a transparent and comprehensive billing system that shows you exactly how much you have spent, where you have spent it, and how much remains to be paid. There are no surprises so you won’t have to keep visiting the bank to renew your loans. Control your budget and costs from the first day till you move in.


We help you to determine your needs and we work to meet those requirements. There is no guessing, we are professionals and we design and build exactly what you need and want. The best way of saving money is reducing waste and with us we help you prevent waste.

Clear and organized

We help you manage and review the entire construction process through your smartphone from the comfort of wherever you are. Don’t waste your time driving to and from the construction site every day. With us you save your precious time by providing you with regular updates through our smartphone app. You can monitor and control the quality of your home’s construction easily and effectively. All our communications, invoices, and project files and photos, are collected in one place on our smartphone app so there are no distractions or missed or mixed messages between separateWhatsApp’s or SMS or emails.Clear and comprehensive documentation of the construction, with detailed transactions with the suppliers and installation dates help you maintain a permanent record to manage your home cleanly for the lifetime.

A Smart Solution

We excel in complete design and construction, without compromising in any detail from A to Z.

Complete Transparency

With a comprehensive billing system, you’ll always know exactly how much and where your money is being spent.

Virtual Walkthrough

See what you’re building by using Virtual Reality! Take the opportunity of an actual walk through your house before you start construction.

Everything Smartphone

Manage and review the entire construction process through your smartphone from the comfort of wherever you want to be.

Building Information Modeling

Our innovative usage of BIM  ensures that on-site errors are avoided by virtually simulating the complete construction process.

Professional Project Management

Our team of experts will manage your construction with efficiency and care, guaranteeing you minimal errors and long-term cost.
Design Build have really helped me get out of a mess with my previous contractor and complete my project on time and within my budget in a professional manner. Mohammed Abdullah

Homeowner, 2016

Construction simplified.