Basement Renovation

A private residential basement renovation using clean lines and natural material to create a warm space. Although it is located in the basement, enough natural light was managed to create a bright ambiance.

Client:  Private Client
Location:  Surra, Kuwait 2
Area:  400m2
Designer:  Qattan Architects

This bedroom, with a sitting nook next to the window, looks out onto a garden creating a peaceful environment to be enjoyed every morning over breakfast and a newspaper.
Attached to the  bedroom is an elegant bathroom.  Natural stone tiles and a natural wood counter make it a comfortable experience every day.
The master bedroom has this spacious bathroom with a jacuzzi and shower. Also tiled with natural stone and wooden counters, the complete look has a bespoke spa feeling.
The closet is fitted out with custom cabinetry to suite the tenants needs. Mirrors on the other half of the cabinets enhance the feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

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